Finding solutions, together


You’re looking for someone who can work with you through overwhelming life circumstances.

Thanks for visiting. My name is Theresa (call me Terri) and I am a licensed mental health therapist. I provide therapy for a variety of mental health concerns and I specialize in relational therapy. That’s not necessarily “relationship” therapy, but it can definitely help. I work via telehealth in the states of Alabama and Washington.

Relational therapy works through therapeutic bond. We work to develop a collaborative relationship where healthy boundaries, open communication, and unconditional positive regard are used to challenge and empower you as you examine yourself and how you want to live in the world. Relational therapy provides a place for you to feel accepted and unjudged as you delve into your authentic self.

So many people feel disempowered in their life these days; maybe you are one of them? Not enjoying life; not really sure where you want to go or do; missing connections while lacking the motivation to step out and make connections; feeling intellectually or holistically stunted……these challenges which touch every aspect of our lives provide can catalysts for deeper self-examination and change. Discontent in the world, financial insecurity, relationship strife, illness and death- things we often want to avoid, have so much to teach us about ourselves. If we are willing.

Perhaps the state of the world has changed the way you see your role within it; perhaps you’ve noticed how distractedly busy and automated you’ve become; or stress has you reassessing your values and priorities. Maybe you’ve found out that you really have never spent time with yourself, and that it’s uncomfortable; or maybe you’ve found something new within yourself and want to explore it.

In relational therapy I work with you to create a therapeutic relationship where you can say what you need to, while you to do the challenging work of facing yourself honestly; to ask the tough questions and sit with whatever answers come. I get to help you become fascinated in yourself; the authentic self, not who others think you are or want you to be.

If living more authentically; if finding out how to connect differently with your family and the world around you sounds like something you want; if the phrase “soul sickness” resonates with you, please contact me. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

In therapy we uncover the truths about how you want to show up in the world.

Very necessarily, I do this work too. As such you will be working with a therapist who understands how hard this work can be. I’ll never take for granted how daunting it is to be in that chair; facing yourself and making those changes.

Let’s get unstuck as you and I examine “what is an authentic life?”

“Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me, and which truly expresses me?”

― Carl R. Rogers

Let me help you step out of what’s challenging you with a new footing.