Therapy sessions offered only remotely at this time while I build my practice here in Washington.

A bit about me: I’ve been a practicing mental health therapist for over 8 years. Additionally, I have been certified to practice Clinical Hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis since 2016. I’m not sure how that might work over teleheath, but we can chat about it!

Some specialties:

High-achieving women with religious trauma

Individuals with disenfranchised bereavement (grieving loved ones, situations, and ways of being which are not generally viewed by society as “acceptable” to grieve- abortions; affairs; personal decisions which produce predictable loss; accidental death of others, etc.)

Individuals in mid- or quarter-life crisis

Older teenagers (15+) with in parents in recovery from addiction

Parents struggling with having questioning and/or gender-fluid teens

Individuals with partners who are in the gender transitioning process

Therapists and other mental health professionals

**I consider myself a secular therapist, but talking about religion and spirituality is welcome, especially if its important to you!**

My therapeutic leanings are humanistic/relational and existential. Authenticity is our goal.

Description and Private Pay Rates

Please contact me for session rates

Individual Sessions: A 60 minute session with one individual; aged 17 and older

Family Sessions: A 60-85 minute and the individual client is still the main client. As I am moving to telehealth, family counseling will be provided only with existing individual clients. And must be pertinent to the treatment goals of the individual client.

Couples’ Sessions: A 60-85 minute session and the couple is the client. This can be tricky through telehealth, so we would thoroughly consult on this before scheduling.

Clinical Hypnosis: A 30-60 minute session. This session will consist of clinical hypnosis; guided imagery or the combination of the two. *Please read about sessions under the Clinical Hypnosis tab at the top of the homepage.

PayPal & Credit Card Accepted

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